Windy P.U Proline Boxing Gloves Black/Blue

Windy proline black blue


These Boxing Gloves are suitable for Muay-Thai Boxing, Kick Boxing, Boxing and MMA. This boxing glove is identical to the BGP boxing glove, only the BGPU boxing glove is made of Skintex instead of Leather. With these Boxing gloves it is unnecessary to still wrap your hands, the Boxing glove itself already functions as a handwrap. The Boxing glove has a dual filling on the wrist for extra protection and reinforcement. A filling in the palm of the Boxing glove for catching punches and kicks while sparring. The thumb has a special filling, to prevent injuries.Double filling on the wrist for extra protection. The filling of the Boxing glove is constructed from four different layers of foam latex and thereby acquires the right hardness a glove should have.